Pedro Alayon

Pedro Alayon

If you decide to visit the fantastic amazing country India, then you must know about vaccinations for India to avoid the trouble and do not spend the entire vacation in a hospital bed. Anyone who intends to spend a long time in this country would have to know examine information all about disease in India because a lot of them out there, and for a person who is not accustomed to such a climate, they occur in severe. The most terrible disease, which can be picked up in India, it is malaria prophylaxis India pathogen which is carried by mosquitoes Anopheles genus that live in India and the bite infect humans.

When you visit a diverse country of India, be sure to advise to visit slums of Mumbai this show make you rethink my whole life and reevaluate all values when near mansions stand ruins poor people who are forced to live in such terrible conditions.

In India there are a lot of things interesting that certainly would be worth to see, for example,centuries-old red fort Agra, which fascinates with its picturesque.

Since, recently in India is very developed backpacking in India you can take walks in the highlands to experience all the fascinating spectacle of color. You can also make the journey to the most strong Indian elephants, who are specially trained for this activity. Elephants in India perform many functions, including transport and, in addition, they are a good workforce to raise all kinds of weights.

Anyone who investigate ancient architecture and historical monuments, you just need to visit their famous eccentricity Ajanta Ellora caves, to see firsthand these fancy extravagant paintings on the walls that have survived to our time. They are surprisingly well preserved gorgeous paintings that describe the various stages of the life of Buddha and sculpture of the deity. Murals of Ajanta caves, some scholars call as nothing but an encyclopedia of life of the whole of Indian society.

Also for those who are interested antiques and wants to see one of the wonders of the world is necessary attend one of the greatest temples Taj Mahal in India which is known worldwide as the temple of love. Not having analogs of his greatness, he reflects the wealth of an era in the history of the state. The building of white marble was the last gift of the Great Mongol emperor Shah Jahan to his late wife Mumtaz Mahal.

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